With Love, Daniel Excerpt

"Smile, you two. It is your first day of school," Jamie said.

Daniel put his arm around Ella. Both had big cheesy smiles on their faces.

"El, we get to ride the bus," Daniel said.

Ella squealed and jumped in response. Haley, Brooke, and Justin looked at their younger siblings like they were crazy. They didn't understand how they could be so awake at this time. They wished they could be like Bethany and Julia and sleep longer.

A few minutes later, they saw the bus down the street at the stop before theirs, and Ella turned to her mom and started to cry.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Jennifer asked.

"I'm scared, and I'm gonna miss you," Ella said.

"You are going to have so much fun, and you have Daniel in your class. He will be by your side all day," Jennifer said.

"Yeah, El, you are stuck with me. Remember our promise. We are going to marry each other," Daniel said.

Ella sniffed and nodded her head. Daniel opened his little arms as wide as he could, and she stepped back from her mom's and ran into Daniel's. Jennifer snapped a picture.

After they let go of each other, the bus came, and all four kids hugged their moms before getting
on the bus.

Daniel sat next to Ella and put his arm around like he always did to protect her. Then, when they arrived at school, they got off the bus and walked into the building hand in hand.


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