With Love, Daniel is Back

Daniel Ever After has now become With Love, Daniel and it comes with a new cover, blurb, title and edits!!!

Daniel Collins, New York Giants Quarterback, just won the biggest game of his life, the Superbowl. He should be out celebrating with his loved ones, but instead, he has never felt so lost and alone.

He starts going down a dark path of destruction but cannot seem to find a way out.

Then, one night he has a chance encounter with a stranger who is going through troubles of their own.

Daniel is in the process of losing everything, including his starting position on the team. His family and friends do not know what to do or how to help him.

Will he lose everything he holds near and dear to his heart?

Or will he finally see the light and get his life back on track?

Read on to find out how the With Love Series concludes.