With Love, Ella Excerpt

"Hey guys, we brought the goods," Daniel announced as they walked through the gate. He sure did love to make an entrance.

"UNCLE DANNY! UNCLE DANNY!" screamed five-year-old Mackenzie.

Mackenzie was one of his many nieces. She was secretly his favorite because she took after her Uncle Daniel. She was a wild child and his partner in crime.

Ella grabbed the alcohol from Daniel when she saw Mackenzie running their way.

"Hey, munchkin!" he said as she came and jumped into his arms. He tickled her, making her laugh so hard she almost peed herself.

"Uncle Danny, stoppppp tickling me!" was all you could hear between fits of giggles.

"What was that, munchkin? I didn't hear you. Did you say Uncle Danny is the best and funniest uncle ever??"


"I think you need to say it; otherwise, I might never stop."

"Ok! Ok! Uncle Danny is the best and funniest uncle ever!!!"

"Now, was that so hard?" He put her down, and she ran over to hug Ella before going back in the water.

Daniel was the only boy of four kids. He had one older sister and two younger sisters. They were all very close, and ever since they were little, he protected them. The girls used to make him play house with them, and he would be forced into being the dad, the dog, and the child. If you asked him, he was tortured, but he secretly loved playing with his sisters. He would always chase the guys away, especially if he didn't like the guy. He was usually correct. The girls always got mad at him for embarrassing them but usually thanked him when they eventually found out the guy was a total douchebag. He had his fair share of shady girlfriends whom his sisters would try to steer him elsewhere. Everyone always knew Ella and Daniel were meant for each other, but it just took them a while to come to terms with it.

"Hey bro, hand over the wine."

"Hi to you too, Haley. Don't I get a hug? I did bring what you wanted."

"Yeah, a little late, might I add? What? Were you too busy playing tonsil hockey with your girlfriend to remember to be on time?" Haley asked as everyone started laughing. Ella's face heated up, and it looked like she had just walked out of the steam room.

"Hey now! I don't want to hear that stuff about my daughter and her boyfriend.

We do have little ears running around," Stephen said, which made everyone laugh harder.

The little kids who were playing all looked up, wondering what was so funny.
Daniel felt a slight tug on his shorts and looked down to see his mini-me trying to get his attention.

"What's up, Shorty?"

"What is so funny? I like laughing," Mackenzie said in all seriousness. Daniel chuckled at how cute his niece was.

"Your mommy was just making fun of Ella and me."

Mackenzie gasped and rushed to her mom. "That is not nice Mommy, say sorry to Uncle Danny and Ella," Mackenzie said, wagging her finger at her mommy.

"You are right, Kenz. That was mean of Mommy. I'm sorry, Uncle Danny and Ella," said Haley with a smile and kissed her daughter, who then ran off to play with her cousins.


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