Patients Getting Paid Interview

The life of a chronicpreneur doesn’t necessarily mean settling for one different career path. As my guest in this episode proves, you don’t even need to stop at two… or three!

Alexa Randolph graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s in Communications and the dream of becoming an event planner. While visiting family in Las Vegas she was involved in a serious car accident. The Emergency Medical Services checked her out, said she was fine, and sent her on her way. But Alexa was plagued by debilitating after-effects and it wasn’t until some time later that she was diagnosed with a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Central Pain Syndrome.

Having to give up her dream career path - coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic - eventually led her to blogging, podcasting, and founding her own LLC (limited liability company), which covers a wide range of business endeavors that all fit around her condition, including her own design company!

In this episode:

The story of Alexa’s accident, the difficulties she faced in her regular job, and the encyclopedia of misdiagnoses and messed-up treatments she had to deal with. How she began remote-working part-time in marketing and eventually created her With Love Alexa brand, and Alexa Randolph LLC to run alongside. How the COVID-19 pandemic enabled Alexa to establish her blog and the With Love Alexa podcast. How Alexa is building her business and how her family is supporting her - even though they don’t quite understand how the online chronicpreneur world works! How Alexa stays organized, makes money, and maintains her health.

Visit the Patients Getting Paid website to learn more about the PGP community. With Love, Alexa on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to the With Love Alexa podcast. Visit Alexa’s Etsy store for WithLoveAlexaDesigns. Check out the Amazon page for Alexa’s books Visit The Mighty